Nearby Attractions

Agora & Odeon, Cyprus

Agora & Odeon, Paphos

7.8 km

Agora & Odeon is a small second century Odeon built entirely of well-hewn limestone blocks. Next to the Odeon you can find remains of the ancient city walls, the Roman Agora and a building dedicated to Asklipeios, god of medicine. Today it is used in the summer for many music festivals.

Opening time: Winter hours (16/9 - 15/4 ) Monday - Sunday: 8.30 am- 17.00 pm Summer hours (16/4 - 15/9) Monday - Sunday: 8.30 am- 19.30 pm

Municipal Baths, Cyprus

Municipal Baths, Paphos

8.5 km

Municipal baths is one of the main beaches of Paphos, located in the heart of the coast of Kato Paphos, it is surrounded by the waterfront of Kato Paphos Poseidonos Avenue and the promenade of the Coastal Broadwalk. The beach has a length of 100 meters and stands out from the usual concept of the beaches of Paphos, there is no sand nor shingle strip and convenient entry into the sea.

Opening time: Always open

Paphos Fort, Cyprus

Paphos Fort, Paphos

8.5 km

The Paphos Fort is one of the most appreciable sights in Paphos. Built in 1592 by the Ottomans, it is sited over an earlier medieval castle built by the Lusignans, which in turn was built over an earlier Byzantine fort. This is the number one spot in town for sweeping views across the Mediterranean. You can head over the roof and take outstanding pictures of the harbor area and the sea beyond.

Opening time: Always open

Petra Tou Romiou Beach, Cyprus

Petra Tou Romiou Beach, Paphos

28.3 km

Known as Aphrodite's birthplace, this place has got a mythological and historical value, which makes it the most visited beach of Paphos. It is said that it was here that Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam and is now a popular place for romantic couples. The rocks that surround the sea have another story to tell about the Byzantine guard Digenis Akritas who used them to destroy the Arab ships.

Opening time: Always open

Petra Tou Antrogynou, Cyprus

Petra Tou Antrogynou, Kakopetria

28.3 km

The “Petra tou Antrogynou” (stone of the married couple) is situated in the entrance of Palia Kakopetria, near the upgrade road that leads to the church of Transfiguration. There are many traditions related to the “Petra tou Antrogynou”. Each couple should visit the big stone after their wedding where a special ceremony will take place. On the other hand the “Petra tou Antrogynou” is related with an unpleasant event, which took place in the village. After one wedding ceremony the stone started to move and crushed a couple of the guests.